Inthezon doesn’t only help companies make the most of Amazon’s potential. It also wants to share its know-how and experience to inspire change and share future trends.

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UPA Webinar

Milan, 17 June 2020
A series of webinars exploring the world of Amazon, offered in partnership with UPA. A programme looking into key issues involved in selling through Amazon, such as the difference between positioning as a Vendor or a Seller, use of Amazon as an alternative to a proprietary e-commerce system, and the opportunity to use Amazon as an ADV platform.

Growing on Amazon

Strategies for improving your sales performance.

December 15 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

An event organised by Inthezon in partnership with Amazon. A unique opportunity to find out how to optimise your investment, refining your planning strategies, familiarise yourself with attributions that relate sales figures to investment in other media, and discover the new opportunities for visibility offered by the marketplace.